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as○ totally shocked whe●n I saw how■ far USC has ■come. They ■were already offe〓ring so many degre■es, and we〓 didn’t even h●ave an e-sports co■urse in any of our t●op universiti●es.”Booming m●arketAlthough ●university-level ◆e-sports developme■nt has just go○t sta

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馿cent years.Accordin●g to Penguin Int◆elligence&rsquo◆;s 2017 China○ Game Industry ●Report, re〓leased


  • o produce mo●re game designers, t●ournament ma■nagers and e-spor●ts broadcasters.A■ccording to an ◆e-sports ind●ustry surv○ey released by ●
  • internet giant Te●ncent’s Pe●nguin Intelligence● think tank in J◆une, 570,000 positi●ons will need to◆ be filled in leag○ue managemen
  • t, m■edia product■ion, data min●ing, commentating■ and trainin●g. It also said ◆85 percent■ of positions i◆n the indust■ry were u
  • nderst〓affed.Fourteen y〓ears ago, Commu■nication Univ●ersity of China beca●me one of the● first colleges in ◆the country■ to offer degrees■ in
  • game design, ●and it added● an e-sports-dedic〓ated subject, digit●al media art, la■st year aim●ed at further d●eveloping gaming〓 m
  • anagemen■t and design talent.●The Shangh◆ai Theater Acade●my, meanwhil◆e, is offering a○n e-sports co◆mmentating course〓. Forty stu◆d


  • ents sign◆ed up for its launch○ in the fall.Among ●all the uni●versities offe●ring e-sports classe◆s, Peking Universi●ty has rece◆ived the mos
  • t attent■ion.Chen Jiang■, associate p●rofessor at Peking○ University○’s Schoo◆l of Electr〓onics Engineering an■d Computer Science,● start
  • ed an e-●sports class in the 〓spring sem◆ester that prove○d extremely pop■ular.“●The class was◆ originally ●designed f■or 120 stude〓nts, but about 160 〓showed up on the〓 first day,&rdquo○; Chen sai
  • d. &ldqu■o;The stude●nts asked me to br●ing more people int●o the class and chan〓ge to a bigger cla○ssroom, which I ●did. Two weeks lat○er, there
  • we■re about 200 studen●ts.”?/li>
  • 鯟hen said the c◆ourse was no●t a gaming t
rainin●g camp, bu●t included i●n-depth st●udy of the gaming in〓dustry, technical de〓signs and

user exp●erie

in 〓June, the ◆annual market ◆value of China&rs○quo;s e-sports sec◆tor reached 2

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